Vehicle of the Month

  • Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 2

    "I have been gifted CarFacts and started to upload the story of this beautiful Silver Spirit 2 owned by me, Lee Jones. I've owned the Spirit for the past 4 years. The purchase of the car was the work of a lifetime ambition, originating when I was 6 years old and given a Rolls Royce toy car. That kick-started the love of the marque to this day. My Spirit was a good car to begin with, but over the years, I have tried to improve it. It's had lots of mechanical repairs carried out, a bare metal respray and wood and leather treated. This year I will refurbish the wheels." - Lee Jones
  • BMW Z3 conversion to Ferrari 250 SWB – Automotive Alchemy

    "My car is a recreation of the 250 SWB as raced to great success by the likes of Stirling Moss. An original now sells for millions £££". Terry Franklin

  • London To Brighton 2021 Special - The Autocar

    The Autocar is an American car built in 1903. As you can see it is left hand drive and we don't even have a steering wheel.

  • Chevrolet Bel Air

    Andrew is a long term member of “Sporting Bears”; a dedicated group of classic car and sports car enthusiasts with the primary aim – to raise money for children’s charities through our own social, dream rides and touring events, and to support other charitable events.
  • Fiat Abarth

    This September we're continuing with our fourteenth 'Vehicle of the Month' - restoration story by Sara and her Fiat Abarth.

  • Daimler SP250

    This August we're continuing with our thirteenth 'Vehicle of the Month' - restoration story by Jim and his Daimler SP250.
  • Austin Healey

    This June we're continuing with our twelfth 'Vehicle of the Month' - restoration story by James and his Austin Healey.
  • MG Midget

    This June we're continuing with our eleventh 'Vehicle of the Month' - restoration story by Ian and his MG Midget called 'Midgie'. 
  • Lancia Beta Spyder

    This May we're continuing with our tenth 'Vehicle of the Month' - story by a Welsh lady that has brought her 1982 Lancia Beta Spyder back to life!
  • Harley-Davidson WLC

    This April we're continuing with our ninth 'Vehicle of the Month' - our first motorbike story by Ross and his Harley-Davidson WLC named 'Betty'.
  • Mister Softee Ice Cream Van

    This March we're continuing with our eighth 'Vehicle of the Month' story by Ian, and the restoration journey of Mister Softee Ice Cream Van.
  • Triumph Stag

    This February we're continuing with our seventh 'Vehicle of the Month' story by Roger, a proud member of the Stag Owners Club, and his 1977 Triumph Stag.