1951 Nimbus Model C designed and built in Denmark by Fisker and Nielsen

Vehicle of the month for March is this 1951 Nimbus Model C designed and built in Denmark by Fisker and Nielsen (who also manufactured the "Nilfisk" brand of vacuum cleaners!). The 750cc in-line 4 engine, which produces a modest 22 bhp, drives through a single plate dry clutch to a 3 speed gearbox and shaft drive to the rear wheel.   
The Nimbus Model C was designed in the early 1930s and some 12,500 bikes were produced in a production run which lasted from 1934 to 1959. The bikes were mainly sold into the domestic market and were used extensively by the Danish army, police and postal service. Although some 4000 are reportedly still registered for road use in Denmark they are uncommon outside of Denmark. Most spare parts are still available from a few specialist suppliers in Denmark.         
The design includes what were some very advanced features for the time including: coil ignition, gear driven overhead cam, crankcase positive ventilation, accelerator pump, shaft drive and telescopic front forks together with some slightly more eccentric features such as the flat steel bar frame, ‘rubber band’ suspension, 3-speed crash gear box and open valve gear.
Although the 750cc in line four engine only produces some 22 bhp it is very smooth to ride and can cruise  comfortably at about 55mph. However, the lowly performance is more than made up for by the distinctive exhaust note - in Denmark they are known as 'Humlebien' (‘Bumblebees’).

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