Vehicle of the Month

  • Lotus 7 becomes Caterham 7

    Firstly, a bit of history. Colin Chapman created the Lotus Seven and brought it to market as a self-assembly vehicle back in 1957 (actually, VAT was charged on self-assembly cars at the time so Chapman cleverly provided disassembly instructions - which one had to follow backwards - to get around this, or so the story goes). The Seven soldiered on for sixteen years as a Lotus-branded car (in that time, famously being introduced to a wider audience as Patrick McGoohan's car in the opening credits of "The Prisoner"), and survived through two mild facelifts and one major redesign (so four generations) before the rights to the Seven were purchased by a main dealer, Caterham Cars, in 1973. Caterham reintroduced the Series 3 design soon after taking over the rights and has been selling the Seven ever since, supplying around five hundred cars a year.
  • February is all about "May"

    February’s Car Facts Disc “Vehicle of the Month” features the remarkable story of ‘May’. She is a delightful 1934 Jowett Curlew and, currently, the oldest Jowett Curlew known on the Car Club Register.

    To see the full story and find out even more about May and the Jowitt Owners Club events, you can scan the QR Code, with your Smartphone camera, now and read about her amazing make-over and her life-journey.
  • BMW Z3 conversion to Ferrari 250 SWB – Automotive Alchemy

    "My car is a recreation of the 250 SWB as raced to great success by the likes of Stirling Moss. An original now sells for millions £££". Terry Franklin