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Welcome to our ‘Vehicle of the Month’ 2021 blog post series, which we launched in August last year, to share some of the most fascinating and remarkable car and motorbike stories, restoration projects and travel adventures of our customers.
Last month, to mark the 125th Anniversary of the famous London to Brighton Veteran Car Run our 'Vehicle of the Month' featured Christine Tacon's 1903 American "Autocar". For December we are spotlighting on the incredible skill of Terry Franklin, a member of the fantastic “Sporting Bears” charity, who realised his vision to take a BMW Z3 and convert it to a stunning Ferrari 250 SWB. Here is his story.

My car is a recreation of the 250 SWB as raced to great success by the likes of Stirling Moss. An original now sells for millions £££

This car started life as a BMW Z3 2.8 ltr Sports.  I was fortunate to find a 'one owner' model with only 55k recorded.

After a few weeks of use in its original format to check it over, I removed all bodywork leaving me with a rolling chassis with drivetrain intact.
Next the interior was stripped.
A new fibreglass body as produced by Tribute Automotive of Dorchester was purchased.
Body panels were then trial fitted before full installation was completed.

The interior was then designed as similar to the original car.

All parts were then created in Aluminium and leathered by
South West Auto Trimming.

All was then stripped out and the car was transported to Bodytech of Netherhampton for prep. and spray. The colour is Blu Passione as used by Ferrari and Maserati of the day.

With the spray completed all the fittings and interior were then reinstalled to produce the car you see today.

Other than quoted above, all build was completed by myself, during the Lockdowns.
The car is used regularly throughout the year for touring, visiting various shows and Charitable fund raising for Sporting Bears Motor Club.


  • Hello
    Do you know of anyone who is selling a ZGT, as a finished artical or project?
    Any names or companies, would be helpful.
    Or would it be best to advertise for one, which company would be best?

  • I received this helpful email back from the guy that owns the car.

    Please note this is information is not anything to do with FactsDisc and we don’t take any responsibility for the info provided by the car owner.

    The website he needs to look at is ‘Classic’ from Basingstoke.

    I am aware there was legal action by Ferrari against several suppliers over Copyright infringement, but not sure of current situation.

    I have just checked their website and they advertise a very similar kit called a ‘Le Mans’. Kit details and prices are shown.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. I get to many car events during the year and the ‘Facts Disc’ certainly gets a great deal of attention.

    I find it quite entertaining to stand back and watch their reaction when they read it!!


    Paul Tombs
  • Greeting! I am interested in a body kit for a BMW Z3, ​​Ferrari 250 SWB, what is included in the kit, price and shipping costs considering that I am from Croatia? You can contact me by email:, Thanks!

    Tomislav Pericic

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