How to redeem your Voucher Code


  1. Visit and head over to our shop page.

  2. Choose ONE Facts Disc per order and proceed to the checkout.
    (Your voucher code will entitle you to a set amount of Facts Discs, however you must claim each of them separately). 

  3. Create an account for your business where you can download & manage your discs. 
    (You will only have to do this once. All of the Facts Discs you claim will appear under one account as shown below)

  4. Use the unique code from the coaster to complete your order.

  5. Once the order is confirmed, simply access your account and start personalising the disc.
    (Here's a 'How to personalise your Car Facts Disc' video to help you).

  6. Finally, when you are ready, simply transfer the disc to the vehicle’s existing or new owner. 
    (We will email you once the transfer has been completed).