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Whether you run a museum with classic cars, aircraft, tank engines, vintage vehicles, trains or war memorabilia, we can help you preserve their story and future value using our Facts Disc.

Facts Disc is your item's specialist information holder. A file just for your item where you can build its value by storing everything that makes it authentic and document its history, restoration and other achievements on the go throughout your entire ownership. 

How it works:

When you buy our Facts Disc, you will be asked to create a FREE account with us, so that you can access a portal where you will be able to personalise your disc straight away. Our portal is safe and secure. Your personal details or address will never be published on the disc. 

The best thing about Facts Disc, is that you can add or edit your item’s information at any time!

It’s ever so quick and easy to do from your smartphone or desktop. The depth and breadth of the information you choose to upload is entirely up to you.

Once you have printed your Facts Disc or received your waterproof version with a disc holder through the post, simply get it displayed on your item. Then, any fellow enthusiast, event visitors or passer-by will be able to use their smartphone camera and scan its unique code to view your it's personalised trivia. 

You can also save your Facts Disc unique story link on your smartphone’s internet browser (or as our founder prefers to, in your contacts).  It’s just a little trick that makes it easier to share or show your item's story with family or friends from anywhere at anytime for example round the coffee table or a pub! 

And remember, you only pay for your Facts Disc once. There is no hidden subscription, just one Facts Disc per item, for life.

This flexibility enables you to create a living chronicle of your item’s unique profile, history and add value by properly documenting its provenance.

Instant Access:

Once bought, your Facts Disc will be available to you straight away. You will be able to access, personalise and print it directly from your account.

If you have bought our waterproof disc you will also receive a disc holder for it and it will be delivered via post within 3-5 working days. Please note, if you live outside the UK the delivery may take up to 14 days. 

'Scan Me' Arrow:

Don’t forget to also take advantage of our FREE to download ‘Scan Me’ Arrow whenever you exhibit your item - it makes it easier for fellow enthusiasts to spot your Facts Disc and view your it's story.

You can download on its own HERE, or you can access it when you download your disc directly from your account.