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Happy New Year Everyone, and a warm welcome back to our Vehicle of the Month series. If you’re new to our monthly car stories, you should know that these are real life car memories, written up by our customers. Each month we choose one of our favourite reads to share and leave you inspired to write up your own vehicle biography, memoir or restoration journey.


We’re kicking 2023 off with Simon and his lifetime of Morgans. 


Fascinated by the idea of our Facts Discs, Simon has originally picked one up as an excuse to go through his old Morgan pictures and see if he can turn them into a priceless memoir of his drives and tours. In the process of doing so, he’s re-purposed his disc to serve as a ‘one stop file’ for all of the Morgans he once owned, with key photos and facts about each one. A file of personal memories, ever so simple, but dear to heart. 


We love his adoration for Morgans and how he’s taken himself on a journey with our Facts Disc to discover the best way to preserve his most treasured memories. 


Without further ado, here’s: “One Fun Afternoon” 


Morgan Plus Four Manual MY22 - Current


This new Morgan Plus Four (S16 URN) replaced a Morgan +4 four seater (R564 BNH) in October 2022.   More photos and stories to follow as it creates its own history.


• Order date: 31st January 2022 • Built: Sept/Oct 2022 • Delivery: 31st October 2022 • Price £79,919.89  • Specification: • CX Chassis,  Aluminium body; Ash frame; Porsche Oak Green metallic paint. • 2-door soft-top body type • RWD (rear- wheel drive), manual 6-speed gearbox • Unleaded petrol engine: 2000 cm3.  Advertised power: 255 bhp; Torque: 350 Nm; Curb weight: 1013 kg; Top speed: 149 mph; Acceleration: 0- 60 mph 5.2 secs 



Prior Car #2 - Morgan Plus 4, 4-seater, Series 3 (August 2002 to April 2022)


The future R564BNH at the end of the production line with Peter Morgan's signature. 8th January 1998.This car is one of the last of the Series 3 Plus 4, 4 seaters to be built.  Production in 1998 was probably around 20 cars, and this being a rare long door version is likely to

be only one of around half a dozen made. 



R564 BNH was purchased in August 2002 by the current owner replacing a Morgan 4/4 2 seater.  The only modification to its original built specification is the change of the steering wheel to a wooden model and the addition of three lap belts for the

rear bench seat to accommodate 3 children in the first few years of the car’s

life.   The car was originally supplied

and has been serviced throughout its 22 years, by Allon White Morgans of

Cranfield.  Sold by this owner in April 2022 through Allon White to an owner near Ely.


Order date: 12th May 1990 • Built:  22nd Dec 1997 to 8th Jan 1998 • Delivery: 23rd January 1998 • Price £31,077.50  • Sold: 10th August 2002 to current owner. Specification: • Long Door; Aluminium body; Ash frame; Porsche Oak Green metallic paint. • 2-door soft-top body type • RWD (rear- wheel drive), manual 5-speed gearbox • Unleaded petrol engine: 1994 cm3.  Advertised power: 133 hp; Torque: 184 Nm; Curb weight: 1080 kg; Top speed: 118 mph; Acceleration: 0- 60 mph 7.5 secs 



R564BNH with its "cousin" NPW 655 - Norfolk



Alpine Bond Tour 2016 - Grimsel Pass.                                                                                        

Whilst registered year round, most of this car’s mileage is completed in the summer months.  It is a veteran of the The Driving Tour UK events including the 10 country Alpine Bond tour (2016), the Red Wine Tour (2017) and the Three Island Tour (2018).   R564 BNH has also completed the Prescott Hill Climb in 2019. 



Alpine Bond Tour 2016



Alpine Bond Tour 2016 - Stelvio Pass



Alpine Bond Tour 2016 - Mons, Belgium



Red Wine Tour 2017 - Le Mans



Red Wine Tour 2017 - Pyrennees



Three Island Tour 2018 - Entrance to the TT Isle of Man pit lane.



Prescott Hill Climb 2019



Prescott Hill Climb 2019 - start line



Prescott Hill Climb 2019 - Finish line        


Mileage completed at the start of 2020 was c. 19,000



Prior Car  #3 Morgan 4/4 2 seater  (February 1999 to August 2002)


Driving away the new car from Allon White, Cranfield. 


Order date: 5th September 1990 • Built: Jan to Feb 1999 • Delivery: 4th February 1999 • Price £22,475.38  • Sold but this driver:  August 2002  . Specification: • Steel body; Ash frame; Brunswick Green paint. • 2-door soft-top body type • RWD (rear- wheel drive), manual 5-speed gearbox • Unleaded petrol engine: 1796 cm3 Ford Zetec.  Torque: 157 Nm; Curb weight: 840 kg.



T146ABD nearing completion at Pickersleigh Road.



T146ABD leaves PDI with Peter Morgan's signature at the end of the build process.  Jan 1999.



Summer 2000: Trip out for T146ABD to a family wedding at Highclere Castle, Hants.



Prior Car  #4:  Morgan 4/4 2 seater (January 1991 to August 2002)


First Registered:  March 1982 • Bought by this driver January 1991 for £10,950.  Sold by this driver 1998. Specification: • Steel body; Ash frame; Blue paint. • 2-door soft-top body type • RWD (rear- wheel drive), manual 5-speed gearbox • Leaded petrol: 1600 cm3 Kent engine.  


Veteran of 1991 and 1992 Beaujolais runs.   



Beaujolais run November 1991 near Chartres in snow. 

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