Chevrolet Bel Air

Welcome to our ‘Vehicle of the Month’ 2021 blog post series which we are continuing since August last year to share some of the most fascinating and remarkable car and motorbike stories, restoration projects and travel adventures of our customers.
Last month we shared a story by Sara and her Fiat Abarth. This October we're continuing with our fifteenth 'Vehicle of the Month' story by Andrew and his 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.
Andrew is a member of the Sporting Bears Motor Club; a dedicated group of classic car and sports car enthusiasts with the primary aim – to raise money for children’s charities through their own social, dream rides and touring events, and to support other charitable events.
So, about the car... 


"I bought the car in September 2016 in Manchester. It was imported to the UK in June that year, from San Jose, California".



"It was in excellent condition, as you can see!"



"Originally fitted with a 283ci V8 engine, this car has been upgraded by fitting a 1968 Camaro 350ci engine (5.7 litres)".



"These are Stromberg downdraught carburettors - known as the "Hot Rod" carbs!" 



"The car originally had drum brakes all round. This one has big disks on the front and has servo-assistance - so it stops as well as it goes!"



"The interior is also in good nick!"



"Classic 50's American - what's not to like?"



"Proper Bel Air wheel trims and whitewall tyres for that pure 50's American look!"



"Met these guys when I was out for a wee run - cue for an impromptu car show!"



"I'm a member of the Sporting Bears Motor Club, and the car has taken part in many events and raised money for children's charities. Here we are offering "Dream Rides" around Glasgow, to kids taking part in the Transplant Games. We were escorted by the police stopping traffic as a VIP training exercise - great fun!"



"In Edinburgh with the Sporting Bears, raising money for children's charities".



"Phantoms" car show in 2017"



"American Car Show at Knockhill race circuit, 2018"



"Pit stop during Dream Rides in Northumberland, 2018"



"Raising the Flag, Wings and Wheels at East Fortune, 2018"



"Doune Hillclimb 2019, with the Sporting Bears"



"Dream Rides at Thirlestane, 2019 - A wee rest with Jeff, between charity drives". 


If you're a member of the Sporting Bears Motor Club, you will have heard that we have recently released a bespoke set of Sporting Bears Motor Club Car Facts Discs to offer members a unique opportunity to tell their car's story or highlight their ongoing charity support. You can learn more about our involvement with the club here.  

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