Showcase your pride and joy at the Beaulieu Park & Picnic

Get into the true spirit of the event with a Car Facts Disc, the latest classic car owners' 'must have' and share personalised trivia of your pride and joy in a contact free and social distance friendly way with fellow enthusiasts.  

Ideal for the Beaulieu Park & Picnic (27th August), the Car Facts Disc is just one tiny extra item to take with you that will most definitely help to embrace the event’s atmosphere and compliment its surrounding.  With so many events being cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic and the proceeding lockdown, many of us car fanatics have been unable to exchange our car stories as much as we would have liked to. However, the Car Facts Disc is now available to break that ‘silence’ and make discovering car stories simpler and ‘safer’ than ever before.



Designed to mimic the look of the UK’s old paper car tax disc, the Car Facts Disc system lets car owners easily and quickly upload chosen details about their vehicle’s history and restoration journey along with images, video and even hire rates and availability for film or wedding use. It can also optionally show if the car is for sale.  Passers by spotting the disc in the car’s windscreen then simply use their own smartphone camera to scan a unique BuzzCode on the disc that links to the uploaded information on the Car Facts Disc portal, with the information then being displayed instantly on the phone screen. There are no apps to download, or other digital hurdles to overcome.

Aside from quickly and easily letting interested viewers get more details about a car, the Car Facts Disc also means owners can archive their precious classic car’s history in whatever level of detail they choose to share and even, potentially, add value by properly documenting the vehicle’s provenance.

The software behind the Car Facts Disc integrates seamlessly with the vast majority of modern smartphones, and there are no ongoing hosting fees or hidden charges.

Head over to our shop to get your Car Facts Disc just in time for the last of the three Park & Picnic gatherings.