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Vehicle of the Month

  • London To Brighton 2021 Special - The Autocar

    The Autocar is an American car built in 1903. As you can see it is left hand drive and we don't even have a steering wheel.

  • Chevrolet Bel Air

    Andrew is a long term member of “Sporting Bears”; a dedicated group of classic car and sports car enthusiasts with the primary aim – to raise money for children’s charities through our own social, dream rides and touring events, and to support other charitable events.
  • Fiat Abarth

    This September we're continuing with our fourteenth 'Vehicle of the Month' - restoration story by Sara and her Fiat Abarth.

  • Daimler SP250

    This August we're continuing with our thirteenth 'Vehicle of the Month' - restoration story by Jim and his Daimler SP250.
  • Austin Healey

    This June we're continuing with our twelfth 'Vehicle of the Month' - restoration story by James and his Austin Healey.
  • MG Midget

    This June we're continuing with our eleventh 'Vehicle of the Month' - restoration story by Ian and his MG Midget called 'Midgie'. 
  • Lancia Beta Spyder

    This May we're continuing with our tenth 'Vehicle of the Month' - story by a Welsh lady that has brought her 1982 Lancia Beta Spyder back to life!
  • Harley-Davidson WLC

    This April we're continuing with our ninth 'Vehicle of the Month' - our first motorbike story by Ross and his Harley-Davidson WLC named 'Betty'.
  • Mister Softee Ice Cream Van

    This March we're continuing with our eighth 'Vehicle of the Month' story by Ian, and the restoration journey of Mister Softee Ice Cream Van.
  • Triumph Stag

    This February we're continuing with our seventh 'Vehicle of the Month' story by Roger, a proud member of the Stag Owners Club, and his 1977 Triumph Stag.
  • Corvette ZR1

    This New Year’s Day we kick off 2021 with an adventure packed tale by Alan, the owner of Fantastic Roads and the member of the Classic Corvette Club UK. 
  • Riley 12/4 Special

    This December we're continuing with our fifth 'Vehicle of the Month' story by Douglas and his 1934 Riley TT Racing Six 12/4 Special. Starting life in London, this Riley is a world traveller, having spent time in Holland before settling down in the lone star state, Texas, USA.