One Bright Orange and Beige 1979 High Top VW Campervan


Dearest Readers, it's time to introduce you to our latest Vehicle of the Month Story! This April, we have a rather trendy VW Campervan to share with you.

It belongs to Chris, a proud member of the Wolfsburg Bus Crew and we got hooked on the simplicity of his storytelling and images that 'say a thousand words' - certainly highlighting the fun filled lifestyle and his Campervan's sense of humour. 

Enjoy the photos guys, Happy Easter and Let's all have a dry and sunny 'Drive it Day' this month! 



A 1979 high top VW Campervan 2 Litre automatic

Rolling restoration from 2010….!!!  



In bright orange and beige colours 



With its own teardrop trailer 




Available for weddings  




Here it is with is awning



A Personalised Screen Cover 



Best Baywindow 



Featured in the Volks World: Camper & Bus 2015 May Issue



In a line up






Fish Eye 



In another summer line up 



Rear Bunting 




Has its own Stripper 



Check it out in Black & White 



In a Convoy



Now, let's move onto the Teardrop




Here's a few shots of how it came to life and its interior



Teardrop and Event Tent



And of course Teardrop Buzz & Woody!



Naturally wouldn't want to miss the iconic Money Box




And finally, one great Review! 

In Summary, a brilliant story to have joined our collection of 'Vehicle of the Month Posts' - Many Thanks for letting us share it Chris. 




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