MK II Hillman Super Minx


(Photo Source: Huntingdon Town Council).


Happy Summer and Welcome to August 'Vehicle of the Month' restoration story by Ian and his MK II Hillman Super Minx. 

Although this vehicle's restoration journey belonged almost entirely to its previous owner, Ian has been passed on a file of photographs revealing all the work, time and care that has been pumped into this amazing car over the space of 4 years.

We absolutely love that those progress moments were captured and can now be shared with fellow enthusiasts, from one owner to another, using our Car Facts Disc. 

Enjoy the read, keep your cars cool and embrace summer drives, meet ups and shows Dear Readers!


"Manufactured in Rootes' Coventry plant in 1963, first registered on 13th January 1964, this MK II Hillman Super Minx convertible's livery was originally a "single-tone" foam white with bright red upholstery and red hood.  It originally had a standard 1,592cc engine with manual 4 speed gearbox and centre floor-mounted manual gear change.  The previous owner bought it on ebay in October 2015.  He discovered that it needed a lot of work, particularly to the body. Being a retired motor mechanic, he decided to do a nut and bolt restoration, which took the next 4 years".


"The original sales brochure front page".


"Original sales brochure inside left". 


"Sales brochure inside right".


"Super Minx Convertible original sales brochure - Specifications".


"The engine was removed and the car was completely stripped.  To provide ease of access, the car was put on a "spit" for complete rotation".


"The underside was taken back to bare metal".


"A considerable amount of metal was replaced and welding carried out".


"Wheel arches needed cutting out and replacing".


"Base coat for underside"


"2nd coat for underside".



"Final coats of underseal".



"Same treatment for the interior".



"Interior base coat".



"Interior mid coat".



"Interior final coats and partial dash re-installed".



"Controls and instruments re-installed".



"Primer is applied to external surfaces".



"Primer everywhere!".



"Top coats and then varnish are applied".



"A replacement engine and gearbox are sourced.  The engine is a hybrid 1,725 cc from a 1968 MK III Humber Sceptre, with iron body and Holbay alloy head,  The cylinders are re-bored.  A Weber twin choke carburettor is to be fitted replacing the twin SU carburettors.  The gearbox is now 4 speed with overdrive.  The ignition is upgraded to electronic".



"She's nearly there!".



"With replacement retro cosmic style alloy wheels.  We're back on the road!".



"One of her 1st events after the refurb, was to chauffeur the Mayor of Huntingdon in the parade for Huntingdon's Riverside Carnival on 11th August 2018.  Photo: Huntingdon Town Council".



"Madam Mayor follows the band at the Riverside Carnival 11th August 2018.  Photo: Huntingdon Town Council".



Ian has purchased the car in November 2019.  
"A year later, the car was completed with a new black mohair hood and hood cover, which has been expertly crafted and installed by Larry Piper and his team at Piper Trimmers in Sparkford, Yeovil".



"FBHVC Drive-it-Day 25th April 2021, in aid of NSPCC's Childline.  Basking in the sun below the White Horse at Westbury".




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  • As the former keeper and restorer of this Super Minx Convertible I would just like to point out it was originally pale green when new and had been painted white some time before I purchased it. The replacement engine came from a 1972 Sunbeam Rapier Fast Back and was completely reconditioned. Hope Ian has as much pleasure with the car as I did, happy motoring Ian.

    Bob Daye

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