Chevrolet C10

Welcome to our ‘Vehicle of the Month’ blog post series where we will be sharing some of the most fascinating and remarkable car and motorbike stories, restoration projects and travel adventures of our customers.


Last month we took you through a heart-warming restoration story of Mark’s 1930 Aston Martin “International”, that has won the Aston Martin Trophy at the Concours of Elegance 2020, held at Hampton Court Palace. This November we’re continuing with our fourth ‘Vehicle of the Month’ story by Shawn Sherrill and John Meyer, the two hosts of the Get Out N Drive Podcast.


Based in Missouri, USA, the guys own a special Get Out N Drive Podcast Shop Truck, Saddletramp, a 1968 C10. Saddletramp is the beating heart of Shawn and John’s podcast, in which they share things you NEVER wanted to know about cars and why they should be out on the road and NOT in your garage! Their amazing C10 also stars in the National Get Out N Drive Day, which was established by their podcast’s Promotions Manager, Joann Meyer, in attempt of encouraging everyone to hit the road!


Here is Saddletramp’s story:


“First pic of saddletramp in the spot we first saw it when we bought it”



 “Cutting the frame to shortbed c10 specs”



“After welding the frame we started rust repair in the rockers and cab corners”



“Rust repair on cab corners and rockers”



“Just about ready to install the original GM shortbed”




“Test fitting the bed before we patina matched it”





“Interior metal all refinished in the original factory saddle color”



“Pushed it outside for a better look”



“Cab exterior is patina matched and we are ready to match the bed”



“Exterior panels are weathered and patina matched”



“Patina matched”



“First photoshoot of the finished truck”



“Hot rod hundred St. Louis 2019”



“We drive the wheels off this thing”



“The whole truck was infested with ladybugs. Guess that’s good luck!! Lots of it!”



“Jeffco power tour 2020”



“Cool shot”



“Make sure to check out our YouTube channel!”





“Saddletramp is always on the road. #Getoutndrive



“C10 Setn c10 Nationals 2019”









  • Thanks for the feature!

    Shawn Sherrill
  • Thanks so much for the feature!

    Joann Meyer

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