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Treat your classic car loving family member or friend to our E-Gift Voucher! 

It's an ideal gift for any classic and sports car owner or bike enthusiast that loves to share stories about it, showcase it at events or simply take it for a ride. 

It's a lovely way of giving someone the opportunity to take a road down memory lane and dig out past photos and videos of their car or bike, revealing its restoration work, adventures on the road, and other sentimental stories. 

All of those beautiful memories can be then uploaded to our Facts Disc to create a live chronicle of the vehicle's unique profile, history and even, add value by properly documenting its provenance.

Once the story content is uploaded any passer-by, event visitor, or fellow enthusiast that spots the disc in the car's windscreen or on a bike, will just use their smartphone camera to scan its unique QR code to access that information. 

What e-gift voucher value should you choose?

We offer a range of Facts Disc designs that come in two variants ‘Modern’ and ‘Classic’ starting at £17.00 for a Downloadable PDF disc or £20.00 for a Downloadable PDF with a Waterproof disc that gets posted out. 

Each Facts Disc is designed for one vehicle, and so you may want to consider a E-Gift Voucher value that will allow your friend or a family member to get enough discs for all of his or her cars, bikes, or other vehicles. 

Your E-Gift Voucher will be delivered to you instantly by email. Once gifted, your friend or a family member will be able to redeem it using these simple steps: 

  1. Visit www.FactsDisc.com
  2. Select your preferred Facts Disc/s
  3. Go to checkout
  4. Create an account with us
  5. Use the gift voucher code at checkout for complete or part payment of your order
  6. Once the order is confirmed, simply access and start personalising the Car Facts Disc

The E-Gift Voucher is valid for 24 months from the purchase date.