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Aston Martin 'International'

Welcome to our ‘Vehicle of the Month’ blog post series where we will be sharing some of the most fascinating and remarkable car and motorbike stories, restoration projects and travel adventures of our customers.

Last month we admired the transformation of Danny's 1978 Plymouth Fury. This October we're continuing with our third 'Vehicle of the Month' story by Mark Donoghue, the Concours Chief Judge at Aston Martin Owners Club. His 1930 "International" won the Aston Martin Trophy at the Concours of Elegance 2020 at Hampton Court Palace. Here is his story:



"Introduced at the 1929 Motorshow, the ‘International’ was based on the Aston Martin Team Cars. The First in the LM series".










"Foret de Crécy, France 1949"






"Chassis S37 was taken off the road by its previous owner in 1954 and disassembled in 1963, but he sadly died in 2016 before he had a chance to rebuild it"



"I acquired many boxes of nuts and bolts in 2016. Even the speedometer had been stripped down to its most basic components, with the clock face and internal workings completely disassembled and in a small box"





"My father offered to reassemble the car. "Knock yourself out!" I said, expecting him to give up after a few months. He's 80 years old! The remit was to keep it original and just put the car back together as it was when it was taken apart in 1963. I was keen not to make the car look like an overly ostentatious restoration and insisted that the patina should be preserved wherever possible".











"The first drive..."



"Remarkably, he completed the challenge a few weeks ago (July 2020)".



"And here we are at the Concours of Elegance 2020 at Hampton Court Palace" 



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