Drive It Day 2021

It’s time to officially welcome the season of car shows and club meetings! What better way to celebrate the ease of COVID-19 restrictions than getting your vehicle ready for a ride this April 25th. 

This year, you can give fellow enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more about your vehicle’s personal story using one of our Facts Discs. Whether you have planned a route with meeting points, or perhaps booked a table in a local pub garden, whilst your vehicle is stationary, any fellow enthusiasts passing by can stop, admire, and learn more about it with just a single click of a button. 



This year's Drive it Day celebration is confirmed to take place on Sunday, the 25th of April. Let's embrace it together and bring some rare, fun and interesting car stories to life. 

You still have plenty of time to organise your Facts Disc and build your car story, especially if you choose the downloadable PDF disc version which you can print and display on the spot. As for writing ideas - have a look at our Vehicle of the Month stories for inspiration. 


Thanks to FBHVC latest update we know that:

In ENGLAND, the Drive it Day may go ahead providing that, the event takes place outdoors, attendees will arrive and leave the event is a staggered manner throughout the day. It does not involve attendees converging on and congregating at a site for a specific discrete activity, as as a theatre or music performance and the rule of 6 or two households mixing outdoors applies.

In WALES, travel restrictions within the UK will be lifted from 12th of April.

In SCOTLAND, from 16th of April people will be able to leave their local authority area for the purposes of socialising, recreation or exercise, though travel between the mainland and some islands will not be permitted. Rules on gathering will also be relaxed, with six adults from up to six houses able to meet outside. 

As for NORTHERN IRELAND, information about opening things up has not been released yet, however you can keep an eye out for future announcements on The Association of Old Vehicle Clubs In Northern Ireland website. 


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